Flutterbye Angel Gowns

I am not sure how Strings from the Heart moved to Flutterbye Angel Gowns but I love making baby clothes, I always have. Angel Gowns are more than just baby clothes though and that is what makes them important.

There are babies that don’t go home to a nursery, the parents are planning a funeral instead. So Angel Gowns are usually donated to hospitals and they are given to the parents at no charge. There are usually 2 sets given to the family. They can dress their Angel in one set and take pictures, then keep that set. The 2nd set will be used for the burial. A set usually has a gown, a bonnet, a diaper cover and a blanket. There is also a memento that the parents or grandparents can keep. I have little charms that I pin onto the gowns I have made. This can be removed and used for a piece of jewelry or put into a shadow box with the keepsake outfit.

Groups of Angel Gown creators started popping up all over the place. Each group works differently and has different rules. Unfortunately I haven’t located a group in my area so I am a solo seamstress. There are more of us than you realize. I have connected with another solo seamstress that already distributes gowns to hospitals and funeral homes. I will be sending my gowns to her so she can send them where they are needed.

I do plan on finding local hospitals and funeral homes that aren’t already supplied by a group. That will take time and since I work full time well time isn’t something I have a lot of at the moment.

The way this works though is interesting. People donate their wedding gowns and formal gowns to be deconstructed and then made into Angel Gowns. I started with a gown that I had bought a few years ago to use for something. Well I used it, and used it some more. Right now I have 2 gowns made from it. And I have lots of fabric left to make a few more gowns.

Someone has already donated a gown to me that was made for her mother in law in 1955. The gown was preserved so I will be able to use it. When I have finished with the first wedding gown this donated gown will be my next deconstruction and reconstruction.

Stay tuned and if you got an invite to like Flutterbye Angel Gowns that was from me. The more people know about this the more the word gets out. Granted I have more wedding gowns to work with but you never know when someone is wondering what to do with their gown. I fold them up and store them in totes. Hopefully I will get a bigger place to live and will have more room but right now I work with what room I have.

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