Angel Gowns

Well I found my way back to my blog from days gone by. I have made a few things to sell and made a few things for an embroidery shop. But I find my heart going back to Angel Gowns. For some reason making something to give someone feels so good. I have made a couple of Angel Gowns and have been getting my patterns together. I need to have a gown, bonnet, diaper and booties. And for a mother that receives this she gets a burial gown, typically white or cream along with a bonnet. So a set will be 2 gowns, one white for burial and then another gown to take pictures while still at the hospital. I have a set almost complete using  a combination of patterns.

I also plan on making little cocoons for the babies to tiny to dress. The family will get the little cocoon and can use it for picture taking if they want. But this is usually made from soft flannel that will be absorbent when the tiny baby gets placed in it. I have bought some flannel and have picked out a pattern I love so I will work on these as well as the Angel Gowns. There will be a little charm attached that the mother can take with her as a memory.

I will need to create a Facebook page so people that donate wedding gowns can see what I have made from their gown. I do have a gown that someone donated that was made for her mother in law in 1955. It seems to be in great shape. And it will be the next gown I take apart for angel gowns. I will post before and after pictures to the facebook page. I have decided to name the page after a poem I wrote. I will share that poem when I create the page.

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