What to do????

Well for those of you that don’t know, the event I had planned for the end of April didn’t happen for me. I got really sick and just could not do it. So needless to say I do have lots of doggy bandannas I need to post in the store.

I did sell a custom doggy bandanna to one of the salesmen at work. He told me what he wanted for his little girl who is all grown up now and I made it. It did look right purty!!!

ballyhoo bandanna2

I have managed a bit of sewing, impromptu though it was I made a pillow for my niece Niki and her new hubby Richard. I had just gotten some new embroidery patterns and there was one that was screaming make a pillow. So I made the pillow that Saturday morning, finished it and took to their party that night. LOL nothing like a rush pillow.

niki embroidery

Then I was walking around in a funk, I felt like I couldn’t find anything to embroider, my son bought me the coolest birthday present though for my embroidery machine. It’s a rack that goes behind the machine and allows you to set up 10 thread colors at a time. I need to make a bigger top for my embroidery machine stand since this sits behind and to the right of the machine. So that will be an up coming project.

Then in my looking around online at the great ideas made me think of something my niece Katie sent to me. She wanted a zippered money envelope wallet. So I made it, just need to mail it to her. It was a bit of embroidery with a lot of sewing zippers!! But I finished it and it will be the only one I make. LOL



Then this weekend I was in another funk, gotta get my groove back. And I was once again looking for something to embroider and I got to thinking. I sewed before I embroidered sew why do I need to embroider in order to sew. Know what I mean? I worked on a back pack today, need to put the grommets on it for the strap to go through and it will be finished.

owl backpack

Sew that will be my attitude from here on out, don’t look for something to embroider, instead look for something to make and IF it has embroidery thrown in then so much the better.

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