Am I really doing another event???????

Yes I have signed on for another event. This one is also dog related. I will make a few more bandannas for the dogs. I need to work on displaying the items I do take. AND I need to find an inexpensive tent to go over my table. I got sunburned at the last one but I did the event knowing I didn’t have a tent. That event got me a personal invite to the event I am doing on April 18th. This one will be the Wine & Woof event for the Office Depot Foundation. It will be at their headquarters in Boca Raton. This one will be 4 hours which isn’t so bad. I also got an invite to an event being planned by Christie’s Critters. Christie is a local radio personality, I met her at the event I just did and she asked would I be interested in doing her event in Sept. and I said yep sure would. So now I have 2 more lined up from the first one.

Am I crazy? Maybe but I love sewing and I love animals so combining them together is so much fun.

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