Sewing………. why do I love thee?

I was just wondering as I stood up from my embroidery machine stretching my back muscles “Why do I love sewing??”.

It is supposed to be a somewhat relaxing hobby but I suppose since it is more than a hobby now I feel the pain. When i am standing all day cutting out doggy bandannas for the event on March 22nd my feet and back hurt. Yet I continue with what I am doing. I have 28 made, a few more ready to stitch together, would make over 30. But I continue, I want to have at least 50 by March 22nd. I can make tiny ones from scraps, they won’t be embroidered but they are tiny and cute. Tiny sells.

When I went to Walmart today I bought a few more collars so that I can show people the concept of just sliding their collar through the pocket and then snapping the collar on the dog. And if they need a collar to put on their dog while they put the new bandanna on their collar I will have one they can use. That way they aren’t breaking the collar/leash rule.

As I was looking for new embroidery patterns i came across stick figures, for dogs and people!! So some of these will have stick figures, if we can put them on our ride why can’t our dog wear them??? Too cute. Also found a cute but quick embroidery pattern that looks like chains with keys and lockets and baubles on them. I figure Steam Punk People have pets too so I am going to try and make a few of them so it looks like their dog is wear necklaces. Too cute!!!

Well back to work i go, I have to embroider about 10 or 12 more then i can rest. I am working on yellow fabric right now and it is so bright an pretty!

Till next time!!!

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