upcoming event

Well I have been preparing for an event that I plan on doing on March 22nd. It is a benefit for the Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue Organization. It will be a 5k run then a walk. People can bring  their dogs in for the walk. There will also be an Easter egg hunt. So I have been working on embroidery for doggie bandannas. I had bought 3 different fabrics that had paw prints on it a few months ago. Now I will get to use those fabrics for a good cause.

I had to get my sewing room (area) organized, I worked on it a bit tonight. I needed more lighting so that I can sew in the evenings after work. I added another lamp and a hutch so I could move a lot of the boxes of supplies off of my cutting and prep cabinet. So tomorrow when I get home I can work on a few bandannas. I still need to make a poo pouch for when you walk the dog. This will be an interesting item, wonder what people will think of this idea.

I also found a cute vest pattern that is easy to make but not sure if it would be worth it time wise. Maybe if I embroider them it could be but there is more time spent on this and I think the price would be about the same as a bandanna. Wonder if I can pull it off and get a few dollars more for the vest. I will have to make another one this weekend. I made one for Elly that was not embroidered and it was cute on her.

Well I suppose I can sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow. I need to fill out the application and send it in to reserve my spot.

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