Saturday projects

Ok, so I found an event that is being held in downtown Lake Worth on March 22nd that is raising money for an animal rescue group. I want to be there and I have been looking for projects that will be easy to do for humans and their furry kids. I had made snap on bandannas previously for dogs as give aways. I saw a few pictures of 2 of them and they were cute. I just needed something much easier to make that i can make with plain fabric (means less expensive item) and then I can also do them embroidered (more expensive item). I have found several tutorials on making bandannas that slide onto the collar and will try this out today for my girl Elly. I also thought about a Poo Pouch, yes I said it!!! Poo Pouch!

There are a lot of neighborhoods here in south Florida that require you to pick up the poo when you are walking your pooch. I see people carrying the little (or big) plastic bags that you pick it up with and then throw it in the trash when you get home or to a trash can or whatever. So I thought about a Poo Pouch that is made from fabric, sort of like the dice pouches I make but not as fancy. You can stash the plastic bags in there and when you pick up the poo you can just tie the plastic bag and drop it back into this pouch until you can throw it away. This way if someone sees you walking your pooch they think you are just carrying a pouch for your keys or phone or what ever. Humm maybe a potpourri poo pouch so you smell good while carrying it.

Random thoughts floating in my head.

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