should I stay or should I go

Not sure about blogs or how they work. How often do you post something or what do you post? These would be my questions. I have only been on WordPress a few days. I am still trying to decide whether I should stay or go. I think it would combine two of my favorite hobbies into one. I love to write and I love to sew. I don’t have a fancy sewing room to show off, but I do have a lot of sewing stuff.

My sisters keep threatening to report me as a hoarder but they can’t do that because it isn’t affecting my health or my ability to live in my house. Or I should say my apartment. You see, I have a 2 bedroom place, my son has 1 bedroom and me the second one. I moved here by myself, well me and my dog Elly. So the bigger of the 2 bedrooms was the sewing room. Makes sense right? Well my son wanted to come and live with me, I was fine with that. I love my kids and if they need a place to live then they will share my roof.

So this leads me to my sewing room that was in the bigger bedroom. I had moved in in October 2010, in January 2011 my son who was 20 at the time decided he wanted to come here to live and I said yes!!!! We shuffled things around a bit and put the sleeper sofa (a small one) in the sewing room so he would have a bed. I already had a desk and dresser in the room that were being used for sewing machines and fabrics and such. he used them and settled in. But of course Mom couldn’t sew because now there was no room.But that was fine. I knew he enjoyed being here and I also enjoyed it. Elly was out of this world happy that he was here.

So a year passes by and I am starting to miss my sewing room. But a year after moving here my son ruptured his spleen and nearly bled to death. Thankfully his friend got him to the emergency room and he was rushed into surgery. He survived the ordeal and had to start his life over. He really could have died that day. So we bring him home to recuperate after a week in the hospital. We had a friend that came over while I was at work to stay with him. he made a full recovery and went back to work.

Meanwhile he is still in my sewing room and I had to figure out how to do this. Obvious solution was to get rid of my living room. So the changes began, he and I switched bedrooms, that way since I had the bigger bed, bigger desk, dresser, I got the bigger room. My desk had been set up in the living room but if I was going to do this I had to do it the right way. I don’t have a living room now. It made a great sewing room. I had done this once before at another apartment but the second bedroom was my living room.

So should I stay or should I go? Should I live or should I sew? Well I get to do both and I know my son will not be with me forever, but I think my sewing room will stay in the living room. Whenever my son has company over the girls always see what I am up to so it is turning into a great sales tactic. Maybe I will stay?

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