Flutterbye Angel Gowns

I am not sure how Strings from the Heart moved to Flutterbye Angel Gowns but I love making baby clothes, I always have. Angel Gowns are more than just baby clothes though and that is what makes them important.

There are babies that don’t go home to a nursery, the parents are planning a funeral instead. So Angel Gowns are usually donated to hospitals and they are given to the parents at no charge. There are usually 2 sets given to the family. They can dress their Angel in one set and take pictures, then keep that set. The 2nd set will be used for the burial. A set usually has a gown, a bonnet, a diaper cover and a blanket. There is also a memento that the parents or grandparents can keep. I have little charms that I pin onto the gowns I have made. This can be removed and used for a piece of jewelry or put into a shadow box with the keepsake outfit.

Groups of Angel Gown creators started popping up all over the place. Each group works differently and has different rules. Unfortunately I haven’t located a group in my area so I am a solo seamstress. There are more of us than you realize. I have connected with another solo seamstress that already distributes gowns to hospitals and funeral homes. I will be sending my gowns to her so she can send them where they are needed.

I do plan on finding local hospitals and funeral homes that aren’t already supplied by a group. That will take time and since I work full time well time isn’t something I have a lot of at the moment.

The way this works though is interesting. People donate their wedding gowns and formal gowns to be deconstructed and then made into Angel Gowns. I started with a gown that I had bought a few years ago to use for something. Well I used it, and used it some more. Right now I have 2 gowns made from it. And I have lots of fabric left to make a few more gowns.

Someone has already donated a gown to me that was made for her mother in law in 1955. The gown was preserved so I will be able to use it. When I have finished with the first wedding gown this donated gown will be my next deconstruction and reconstruction.

Stay tuned and if you got an invite to like Flutterbye Angel Gowns that was from me. The more people know about this the more the word gets out. Granted I have more wedding gowns to work with but you never know when someone is wondering what to do with their gown. I fold them up and store them in totes. Hopefully I will get a bigger place to live and will have more room but right now I work with what room I have.

Angel Gowns

Well I found my way back to my blog from days gone by. I have made a few things to sell and made a few things for an embroidery shop. But I find my heart going back to Angel Gowns. For some reason making something to give someone feels so good. I have made a couple of Angel Gowns and have been getting my patterns together. I need to have a gown, bonnet, diaper and booties. And for a mother that receives this she gets a burial gown, typically white or cream along with a bonnet. So a set will be 2 gowns, one white for burial and then another gown to take pictures while still at the hospital. I have a set almost complete using  a combination of patterns.

I also plan on making little cocoons for the babies to tiny to dress. The family will get the little cocoon and can use it for picture taking if they want. But this is usually made from soft flannel that will be absorbent when the tiny baby gets placed in it. I have bought some flannel and have picked out a pattern I love so I will work on these as well as the Angel Gowns. There will be a little charm attached that the mother can take with her as a memory.

I will need to create a Facebook page so people that donate wedding gowns can see what I have made from their gown. I do have a gown that someone donated that was made for her mother in law in 1955. It seems to be in great shape. And it will be the next gown I take apart for angel gowns. I will post before and after pictures to the facebook page. I have decided to name the page after a poem I wrote. I will share that poem when I create the page.

What to do????

Well for those of you that don’t know, the event I had planned for the end of April didn’t happen for me. I got really sick and just could not do it. So needless to say I do have lots of doggy bandannas I need to post in the store.

I did sell a custom doggy bandanna to one of the salesmen at work. He told me what he wanted for his little girl who is all grown up now and I made it. It did look right purty!!!

ballyhoo bandanna2

I have managed a bit of sewing, impromptu though it was I made a pillow for my niece Niki and her new hubby Richard. I had just gotten some new embroidery patterns and there was one that was screaming make a pillow. So I made the pillow that Saturday morning, finished it and took to their party that night. LOL nothing like a rush pillow.

niki embroidery

Then I was walking around in a funk, I felt like I couldn’t find anything to embroider, my son bought me the coolest birthday present though for my embroidery machine. It’s a rack that goes behind the machine and allows you to set up 10 thread colors at a time. I need to make a bigger top for my embroidery machine stand since this sits behind and to the right of the machine. So that will be an up coming project.

Then in my looking around online at the great ideas made me think of something my niece Katie sent to me. She wanted a zippered money envelope wallet. So I made it, just need to mail it to her. It was a bit of embroidery with a lot of sewing zippers!! But I finished it and it will be the only one I make. LOL



Then this weekend I was in another funk, gotta get my groove back. And I was once again looking for something to embroider and I got to thinking. I sewed before I embroidered sew why do I need to embroider in order to sew. Know what I mean? I worked on a back pack today, need to put the grommets on it for the strap to go through and it will be finished.

owl backpack

Sew that will be my attitude from here on out, don’t look for something to embroider, instead look for something to make and IF it has embroidery thrown in then so much the better.

Am I really doing another event???????

Yes I have signed on for another event. This one is also dog related. I will make a few more bandannas for the dogs. I need to work on displaying the items I do take. AND I need to find an inexpensive tent to go over my table. I got sunburned at the last one but I did the event knowing I didn’t have a tent. That event got me a personal invite to the event I am doing on April 18th. This one will be the Wine & Woof event for the Office Depot Foundation. It will be at their headquarters in Boca Raton. This one will be 4 hours which isn’t so bad. I also got an invite to an event being planned by Christie’s Critters. Christie is a local radio personality, I met her at the event I just did and she asked would I be interested in doing her event in Sept. and I said yep sure would. So now I have 2 more lined up from the first one.

Am I crazy? Maybe but I love sewing and I love animals so combining them together is so much fun.

Sewing………. why do I love thee?

I was just wondering as I stood up from my embroidery machine stretching my back muscles “Why do I love sewing??”.

It is supposed to be a somewhat relaxing hobby but I suppose since it is more than a hobby now I feel the pain. When i am standing all day cutting out doggy bandannas for the event on March 22nd my feet and back hurt. Yet I continue with what I am doing. I have 28 made, a few more ready to stitch together, would make over 30. But I continue, I want to have at least 50 by March 22nd. I can make tiny ones from scraps, they won’t be embroidered but they are tiny and cute. Tiny sells.

When I went to Walmart today I bought a few more collars so that I can show people the concept of just sliding their collar through the pocket and then snapping the collar on the dog. And if they need a collar to put on their dog while they put the new bandanna on their collar I will have one they can use. That way they aren’t breaking the collar/leash rule.

As I was looking for new embroidery patterns i came across stick figures, for dogs and people!! So some of these will have stick figures, if we can put them on our ride why can’t our dog wear them??? Too cute. Also found a cute but quick embroidery pattern that looks like chains with keys and lockets and baubles on them. I figure Steam Punk People have pets too so I am going to try and make a few of them so it looks like their dog is wear necklaces. Too cute!!!

Well back to work i go, I have to embroider about 10 or 12 more then i can rest. I am working on yellow fabric right now and it is so bright an pretty!

Till next time!!!

Doggie bandannas on the machine

Well I have been working on the bandannas for the event I am doing in Lake Worth on March 22nd. I was going to make a poo pouch as well but my daughter pooed pooed that idea so I will stick with the bandannas. I already have a lot of pouch pockets and dice pouches made so I should be ok with those. I still need to find a few more things to embroider on the bandannas, I don’t like having the same thing over and over, even if they are different sizes.

I have “Free Kisses”, “I adopted a human”, “Bad to the bone”, “All you need is love and a dog” and then there is a paw with angel wings that has the word rescue on it. I also found a thought bubble with the facebook heart ❤ in it.. Thought it was cute so I made one. Now I need to find a few more doggie sayings and I will do those.

I have some fabric with the pink breast cancer ribbon, thought about making a few bandannas that say “My Mommy is a survivor”. I am sure there are a lot of women that went through the struggles and they probably talked a lot to their dog.   Why? Because dogs will listen without answering. I know Elly does and I love her for that. She doesn’t judge me.

Well here it is midnight already, didn’t have a very productive weekend but I will need to set a goal and stick to it. Now time for bed.

upcoming event

Well I have been preparing for an event that I plan on doing on March 22nd. It is a benefit for the Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue Organization. It will be a 5k run then a walk. People can bring  their dogs in for the walk. There will also be an Easter egg hunt. So I have been working on embroidery for doggie bandannas. I had bought 3 different fabrics that had paw prints on it a few months ago. Now I will get to use those fabrics for a good cause.

I had to get my sewing room (area) organized, I worked on it a bit tonight. I needed more lighting so that I can sew in the evenings after work. I added another lamp and a hutch so I could move a lot of the boxes of supplies off of my cutting and prep cabinet. So tomorrow when I get home I can work on a few bandannas. I still need to make a poo pouch for when you walk the dog. This will be an interesting item, wonder what people will think of this idea.

I also found a cute vest pattern that is easy to make but not sure if it would be worth it time wise. Maybe if I embroider them it could be but there is more time spent on this and I think the price would be about the same as a bandanna. Wonder if I can pull it off and get a few dollars more for the vest. I will have to make another one this weekend. I made one for Elly that was not embroidered and it was cute on her.

Well I suppose I can sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow. I need to fill out the application and send it in to reserve my spot.

Saturday projects

Ok, so I found an event that is being held in downtown Lake Worth on March 22nd that is raising money for an animal rescue group. I want to be there and I have been looking for projects that will be easy to do for humans and their furry kids. I had made snap on bandannas previously for dogs as give aways. I saw a few pictures of 2 of them and they were cute. I just needed something much easier to make that i can make with plain fabric (means less expensive item) and then I can also do them embroidered (more expensive item). I have found several tutorials on making bandannas that slide onto the collar and will try this out today for my girl Elly. I also thought about a Poo Pouch, yes I said it!!! Poo Pouch!

There are a lot of neighborhoods here in south Florida that require you to pick up the poo when you are walking your pooch. I see people carrying the little (or big) plastic bags that you pick it up with and then throw it in the trash when you get home or to a trash can or whatever. So I thought about a Poo Pouch that is made from fabric, sort of like the dice pouches I make but not as fancy. You can stash the plastic bags in there and when you pick up the poo you can just tie the plastic bag and drop it back into this pouch until you can throw it away. This way if someone sees you walking your pooch they think you are just carrying a pouch for your keys or phone or what ever. Humm maybe a potpourri poo pouch so you smell good while carrying it.

Random thoughts floating in my head.

Staying for a while

I am still trying to figure this whole blogging process out. I see things all the time that I want to make and I wish there were more hours in a day sometimes. And on these days I will sit and sew to my heart’s content but then there are days that I don’t go near my machines even though I have the time. Not sure why, I think maybe it’s because i can’t figure out WHAT to make. But I have made things that I still have years later but they were not intended for me to keep. I would make them to sell, if it didn’t I would keep it. I suppose I could give more things to people which is what I have been doing the past few years…….. Since i started making my pouch pockets, they are easy to give away I suppose because my sisters enjoy them. Or the pillows I made for my daughter Patricia, I made each one with her in mind and then I couldn’t wait to send them to her.

I talk about things as I am working on them, but I don’t share photos till the person has received what I have been making for them. Sometimes the suspense is crazy and other times it is just “BTW here are the pictures”. I have always liked to take pictures but for some reason I can’t seem to take a great picture of my work. I take pictures but to me they just sometimes don’t look good. I do need to practice this aspect I suppose if I am going to make a go of this whole blogging/store/sewing thing.

So for now I will stay on WordPress but with the free package, after I have it figured out then I can upgrade.

Some of the pillows....

Some of the pillows….

should I stay or should I go

Not sure about blogs or how they work. How often do you post something or what do you post? These would be my questions. I have only been on WordPress a few days. I am still trying to decide whether I should stay or go. I think it would combine two of my favorite hobbies into one. I love to write and I love to sew. I don’t have a fancy sewing room to show off, but I do have a lot of sewing stuff.

My sisters keep threatening to report me as a hoarder but they can’t do that because it isn’t affecting my health or my ability to live in my house. Or I should say my apartment. You see, I have a 2 bedroom place, my son has 1 bedroom and me the second one. I moved here by myself, well me and my dog Elly. So the bigger of the 2 bedrooms was the sewing room. Makes sense right? Well my son wanted to come and live with me, I was fine with that. I love my kids and if they need a place to live then they will share my roof.

So this leads me to my sewing room that was in the bigger bedroom. I had moved in in October 2010, in January 2011 my son who was 20 at the time decided he wanted to come here to live and I said yes!!!! We shuffled things around a bit and put the sleeper sofa (a small one) in the sewing room so he would have a bed. I already had a desk and dresser in the room that were being used for sewing machines and fabrics and such. he used them and settled in. But of course Mom couldn’t sew because now there was no room.But that was fine. I knew he enjoyed being here and I also enjoyed it. Elly was out of this world happy that he was here.

So a year passes by and I am starting to miss my sewing room. But a year after moving here my son ruptured his spleen and nearly bled to death. Thankfully his friend got him to the emergency room and he was rushed into surgery. He survived the ordeal and had to start his life over. He really could have died that day. So we bring him home to recuperate after a week in the hospital. We had a friend that came over while I was at work to stay with him. he made a full recovery and went back to work.

Meanwhile he is still in my sewing room and I had to figure out how to do this. Obvious solution was to get rid of my living room. So the changes began, he and I switched bedrooms, that way since I had the bigger bed, bigger desk, dresser, I got the bigger room. My desk had been set up in the living room but if I was going to do this I had to do it the right way. I don’t have a living room now. It made a great sewing room. I had done this once before at another apartment but the second bedroom was my living room.

So should I stay or should I go? Should I live or should I sew? Well I get to do both and I know my son will not be with me forever, but I think my sewing room will stay in the living room. Whenever my son has company over the girls always see what I am up to so it is turning into a great sales tactic. Maybe I will stay?